RGTC is dedicated to linking regional businesses with big opportunities through professional preparation of tender, grant and award submissions.


RGTC has worked with a variety of local businesses, schools, sporting clubs and not-for–profit organisations within southern NSW.

We have assisted with grant applications drafts, uncovered grants to companion client projects, prepared tender response documents and successfully aided multiple organisations with award submissions.


RGTC can assist you with:


Grant research and applications

This can include project management advice and planning, web-based investigation into applicable grants, drafting grant submissions, and reviewing and commenting on grant submissions.

Assistance with tender response submissions

Often businesses run out of time to get a tender in! This is where RGTC can assist with tender response review and drafting.

Business awards nomination assistance

Add credibility to your business by entering local or state business awards. RGTC can assist with your awards nomination and submission to give you the best possible chance at success. 

Most recently RGTC has worked alongside members of the Real Estate industry in South Australia on submissions for local awards.


RGTC can facilitate grant writing workshops for clients in need of assistance. This can include information on all aspects of grant application writing, from available grants and how to find them to tips and tricks on how to apply.


This can include a variety of services including project writing, meeting representation, and project management as well as committee structure and governance.


One-on-one coaching sessions for business. This assists with project clarity, personal & business growth, and conflict resolution.


Tailored team building sessions or events for your business.


Simone Eyles - Working Spaces HQ

"I contacted Di about a grant I wanted to apply for. We met and Di listened to my needs and made sure I was eligible for the grant. She then took my notes and basically took care of everything from writing to submission. It was so easy and such a time saver!"

Simone Eyles - Working Spaces HQ (Wagga Wagga)