Resignation Complete

Today I left my job. 15 years with one organisation. Sad – no bitter sweet. Stupid – not at all.

It got me thinking about breaking down barriers. I spoke about this with a group of women at a biz event recently. When we hear ‘breaking down barriers’, we think of society’s barriers. I think it should be way more personal. Breaking down your own barriers. Being disruptive to the way you think and process.

Why not? We become so programmed, and let me tell you after 15 years I became very conditioned to ‘the man’ and the associated expectations. Stepping outside this has been an enlightening personal journey as much as a professional one.

I am not saying to run out and tell your boss to shove it…I am simply saying that internal change is like a breath of fresh air. It is a realisation that you are still in control and a master of your own journey, no one else. That is such a powerful feeling.

So as the next chapter starts today, I am sad to leave my great work mates, but also I cannot contain the internal freedom I now feel. Watch this space. If I though the last chapter was amazing, it’s got nothing on the satisfaction I feel now and the bright lights up ahead. So time to don the sun glasses, wind down the window and see where I end up.