When I started RGTC 8 months ago I did so with a passion to give regional businesses and individuals greater opportunity by helping them put together complex, time consuming and as some say 'down right boring' grant and tender documentation.

With all the hype, networking and long hours over the past few months I was unaware that my passion was being realised. Yesterday three amazing things happened.

1.     A grant applicant rang me in tears of joy after receiving a draft I completed for her. When she first saw the grant application it was so overwhelming and she thought her journey finished there, but it didn't. Opportunity realised - tick

2.     A tender applicant was struggling to understand the contract jargon contained within documentation required to apply for an amazing business transaction. An email of thanks and relief came through after our meeting. Opportunity realised - tick

3.     I received a phone call from a grant seeker out of the blue. She shared with me her amazing concept to revolutionise the impact an empowered community can have on improving society. After a few minutes of discussion a meeting was set and she commented that this was the start of a long and prosperous relationship. Opportunity on the horizon.

It may not be sheep stations, but this little regional business is making a difference to people and what they can achieve. Taking a moment to reflect I realise I am right where I want to be. Hearing someone's amazing story, product, ability or vision and putting it into words is a privilege that brings me satisfaction in my working life that I have never experienced before. Happiness - tick.